Facilitating mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and DeFi solutions, by simplifying their usage in everyday life

The flaim Project

Facilitating mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and DeFi solutions, by simplifying their usage in everyday life

Our social fintech project is a mobile payment and digital wallet service provider, powered by social media and messenger app based in UAE, that enables users to make mobile payments and online transactions. The flaim project aims to facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain technology by simplifying the use of cryptocurrencies, NFT’s and DeFi products in everyday life. Our project’s disruptive banking solution, the flaim PowerWallet is a hybrid of a crypto wallet and an internet banking app that uses a virtual pooling concept to include crypto assets in the total spending limit for debit and credit card payments. This virtual pooling feature will extend to freeing up crypto liquidity to be used for traditional banking payments, such as bank transfers, standing orders and direct debits. Our project’s social fintech products aim to create a link between crypto and fiat assets for its European customers and accelerate financial inclusion within the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.
In contrast to Binance, Crypto.com or NEXO debit-cards, our project offers far more than a card connected to a cryptowallet, as it enables the complete automation of crypto assets spending. Our innovative payment gateway enables users to make money transfers, direct debit or debt collection payments without having to manually convert crypto into fiat.

flaim Pay is user-friendly and an easy-to-use product for customers of all ages, regardless of their previous experience with crypto.

The messaging and social media app flaim already services about 500,000 customers worldwide. The integration of payment services directly into the flaim social app will enable a rapid adoption of simplified mobile banking in the world’s underbanked regions. flaim is a governance token and the virtual currency of the entire flaim ecosystem. The flaim coin also will be used for rewards and cashback within the Mobile- & flaim – Community (much more in future) and will acquire several other use-cases in the future. flaim token holders will have the influence on the future of a flaim- ecosystem once the governance model is implemented.

Governance token holders can participate in decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals and even changing the governance system itself. The constant expansion of the user base and the utilization of a wide variety of products is expected to strengthen a natural demand for the flaim coin. The flaim coin will be a Binance Smart Chain token with the aim of becoming a cross-chain asset and being listed on various DEXs and CEXs.

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Features & Highlights

Facilitation of crypto adoption

Combines traditional fiat currency with digital currencies making it easily accessible for everyone in daily life, using a virtual pooling concept within flaim Pay.

Social finch powered by blockchain technology

flaimmarket - social media and marketplace - with over 500,000 (half a million) users and growing, creates a natural demand for the use of the platform’s products and services.

Turning individual life insurance policies into NFTs

flaimmarket - social media and marketplace - with over 500,000 (half a million) users and growing, creates a natural demand for the use of the platform’s products and services.

Community driven growth

Standardized plug-ins for product suppliers that enable the connected communities and their partners to generate revenue and profitability, while the internal community platform ensures cross-selling and customer loyalty.

Team of industry experts

Specialized industry teams who lead the various project divisions, in particular banking, insurance, digital assets, social media, sales and community.

flaim is a utility token and the virtual currency of the flaim-ecosystem. Flaim coin holders will have the ability earn staking rewards and even to mint synthetic representations of real-world assets in a form of NFTs, pegged to the value of the asset they are based on.

flaim token holders will be rewarded for participating in various activities within the ecosystem (purchase of products and use of services for which we generate commissions and forward these partially to the community). The flaim token can also be purchased on the open market or earned as a reward for providing liquidity on PancakeSwap. 

A portion of this commission will be used to provide long-term liquidity, which will in of itself help to ensure the stability of the token-exchange rate coupled with its steady appreciation. At the same time, the flaim  tokens, which are given as a reward to community members, will be purchased on the open market, thereby creating an organically growing, continuous buy-side demand for the coin.


Symbol: FIM
Decimal: 18
Type: BEP-20
Token Contract Address: 0x1c31b812C1b61D4831740CD57C7e213df9E2fbcf


Max Supply: 4,000,000,000 FIM
Total Supply: 4,000,000,000 FIM
Circulation Supply: –

Allocation & Distribution

FLAIM tokens are pre-minted. Therefore, the Max Supply is the same as the total supply.

The total supply of flaim will distributed as follows:

Total supply of flaim

Value Creation Cycle

Vesting & Inflation

The team tokens as well as tokens from seed and private-sale rounds will have a 9-12 month lock-up period. Unlike most other crypto projects – flaim tokens will be released in circulation, once user millstones are met. In other words – release schedule will depends not on time but on the number of users active in flaim Ecosystem. Flaim´s deflationary model will insure that with each additional user average number of tokens per user in circulation will be decreasing.:


The flaim Token has quite a few cases, such as: